Attentive, Motion

Select long and short-form motion design projects for Attentive, a text messaging marketing startup.

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January 2021 โ€“ December 2021  / Motion Design, Branding.

Logotype Animation

Attentive logo animation in Times Square. Ad design and video by Attentive Brand Team.
Shortly after I joined Attentive, the Brand Design team started a complete rebrand initiative. I concepted and animated the official logotype animation for the company.

Rebrand Launch Video

I pitched the storyboard, designed, and animated this video highlighting Attentiveโ€™s core messaging and updated brand identity. Lauren Kolm, Max Valiquette, and the content marketing team provided invaluable feedback and collaboration on the videoโ€™s story.

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Customer Testimonial Video

I designed and animated a video for marketing channels to surface key client testimonials for potential clients. I built the video with flexible modularity in mind so the marketing team could A/B test for ad performances in external marketing. 

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Motion Design Templates

As I had a focus on motion design within the Attentive Brand Team, I constructed motion design template files to be used by other Brand Designers. Each template came with a detailed use guide in the original Figma file, and I provided troubleshooting and template upkeep as needs arose.

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