As the first intern and in-house designer, I addressed all design needs and managed the Instagram for Ripe, a meal service startup based in New York, during Summer 2019. After the summer, I worked as a freelancer.

June 2019 – January 2020 / Branding, Marketing Design, Motion Graphics.

Behind the Scenes


Final Thoughts
I really loved my time at Ripe! Having the ability to work on multiple aspects of the brand while designing with the brand guidelines was a really rewarding experience, and I never felt isolated as a designer. Working at a startup, especially, gave me visibility across the company workings and in turn greater clarity when creating my design for different applications.

For anyone in New York, I promise the food is delicious. Try it out!

Pictured Left: My set-up for an Instagram photoshoot ︎

Currently: eating ︎ fresh peaches, watching  ︎ Hijack