Project Brief - 200115

For our presentation day, we also had to submit a creative brief. Here are some of the highlights:

What do you intend to do? (articulate in a sentence or two)
I intend to provide a simple way for individuals to concentrate. Instead of developing a complicated narrative, this capstone will package a common concept. What’s one way to concentrate?

What do you want your work to achieve?
I want this work to make people think. Considering how busy our daily lives are, especially with technology pervading every corner of our lives, I want to bring people to the concept of “concentration” as a way of re-framing how people work, prioritize, and live. With many people feeling fragmented between work tasks, home chores, and all the miscellany that comes with living, I want to provide that small push to helping people feel whole again.

A section of my Black Friday project showing my illustration style & to break up the monotony!

How do you intend to use visual design to communicate your solution? (Include all proposed final deliverables.)
As the idea of “concentration” isn’t very concrete, I intend to use motion graphics to visualize “concentration” in a thoughtful manner. The final deliverable will be a motion video under 2 minutes.

What is the personality (brand) of your Capstone? My project’s brand is on the more light-hearted side, and definitely not strict or demanding. It has a suggesting tone, but it’s not adamant or firm. The best description would be curious, inspirational, and bright.

Question for today: What are some further examples of what your piece will look like?