Presentation Day ︎ - 200113

Select slides from my presentation

One of my main takeaways from my presentation is that I need to think more deeply about my audience. My audience is anyone burdened by constant overload, particularly online media, that could benefit from a nudge toward deeper concentration. My peers challenged me to think more closely about the final output, and someone suggested that I look at Headspace, a medidation app, as well. Lots to think about today. I presented on visual and motion inspiration for my project as well. (Stay up to date through my Capstone Resources board!) 

Visual inspiration. Clockwise, starting from upper left: School of Motion: Manifesto by Ordinary Folk. Synthesis and Sound Design by Device. What is Figma? by Enle Li. The Greatest Pinball Machines by Device.

Motion inspiration. Left to right: Keep Looking by Ordinary Folk. School of Motion: Manifesto by Ordinary Folk. Paidy by Bito Studio.

Also, I’m structuring my project using “A Guide to Completing Your Motion Design Project” by Ryan Plummer on School of Motion. Highly recommend!

Questions for today: “How does your audience interact with your piece?” “How does your audience  feel during and after? What is the goal of this piece?”