Cohesive brand campaigns and identity for BrightHire, a recruiting software startup.

January 2022 – Present / Motion Design, Branding, Illustration, Project Management.
All illustrations by me, unless stated otherwise.

Refreshed Brand

At BrightHire, I had the opportunity to refresh the company’s core brand through updated color palette, typography, and graphic elements. At the beginning of this process, some of the key words that the CEO highlighted were: light, easy to use, friendly, and delightful.

With these core traits in mind, I updated the color palette to more vibrant yet pleasant colors tones. I also integrated a light use of gradients and transparent background shapes to reflect the company’s emphasis on clarity and transparency.

Product Animations & Motion Ads

As I have an emphasis on motion design, I also built animations and videos, primarily for product and marketing ads use.

Working at a startup means weighing available bandwidth vs. incoming projects, so whenever possible, I created templates to deliver projects quicker or empower non-designers to build their own assets.


Shine Community

Hand & stars illustration from Designstripe
In addition to the core brand, I developed the brand identity for Shine, BrightHire’s Slack community of talent acquisition professionals (800+ members in < 1 year). The process included pitching visual options, developing the brand identity, and creating social assets.



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