Cohesive brand campaigns and identity for recruiting software startup BrightHire.

All illustrations are my own work, unless noted otherwise.
🍞 Role
Solo Brand Designer

🏹 Skills
Motion Design, Branding, Illustration, Project Management

🌱 Year

🧼 Refreshed Brand

At BrightHire, I refreshed the core brand, introducing a new color palette, typography, and graphic elements. Guided by the CEO's vision of a brand that's light, user-friendly, and delightful, I chose vibrant, appealing colors, and added subtle gradients and transparent shapes to reflect the company’s emphasis on clarity and transparency.

🎞️ Product Animations & Motion Ads

With a focus on motion design, I crafted animations and videos for product launches and marketing ads. I also created templates whenever possible to expedite delivery and empower non-designers to create assets.

🌟 Shine Community

Hand & stars illustration from Designstripe.
In addition to the core brand, I also established the brand identity for Shine, BrightHire’s talent acquisition Slack community, which reached over 800 members in less than a year.


🖼️ Illustration

Currently: eating ︎ Mezcla Matcha Vanilla Protein Bars, reading  ︎ The Dark Forest by Liu Cixin