Soju Is

A set of cards that educates viewers on soju, a Korean alcohol. It’s designed to be informational yet approachable, spanning topics such as the history of the green bottle’s shape to cocktail recipes. 
🍞 Role
Art Director

🏹 Skills
Art Direction, Brand Design

🌱 Year
🎤 Press
︎ Shortlisted for Communication Arts Design 2020
︎ Silver Award (Non-Pro) from Indigo Awards
︎ Selected for AIGA St. Louis Design Show 24


✌️ Behind the Scenes

My photography with grain applied.

Building the box from scratch.

Final Thoughts
I absolutely loved working on this project. As a Korean-American, creating cards that shared Korean culture and history was incredibly rewarding, and I personally learned a lot during my research. This project made me realize that I love working at the intersection of design, food, and culture.

Pictured left: You too, can take beautiful product pictures on your apartment floor.

Currently: eating ︎ Mezcla Matcha Vanilla Protein Bars, reading  ︎ The Dark Forest by Liu Cixin